Use the Export to CAD Tool and insert text into output blocks in AutoCAD


Instructions provided describe the steps to use the Export to CAD tool and create BLOCK entities that contain text in the output AutoCAD DWG or DXF file formats.

These steps are performed on an annotation feature class in a geodatabase.


  1. Add the following fields, with the definitions listed, to the geodatabase annotation feature class attribute table:

    CADType Text Length 32
    RefName Text Length 32
    TxtMemo Text Suggest using length to match the length of values in the field named "TextString" that exists in the annotation feature class.
  2. Here is one method to add these fields to the attribute table.

    A) Add the annotation feature class to ArcMap.

    B) Open the attribute table, and select Options > Add Field.

    Name the field CADType, select Type: Text with Length = 32.

    C) Repeat Step B above two more times, to add the fields RefName and TxtMemo, with the definitions shown above, to the attribute table.
  3. Calculate the following values into the new fields:
    CADType = "insert"
    RefName = Block Name to be used in AutoCAD. The Block Name is usually a text string and must be enclosed in double quotes.
    TxtMemo = [TextString]

    The text string calculated into the TxtMemo field is inserted into a BLOCK in the output AutoCAD file.

    Field names are case sensitive.

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