Use the ARCPLOT RESELECT or CALCULATE commands with SML code on a non-attribute file

Last Published: April 25, 2020


This document shows how to use the ARCPLOT RESELECT or CALCULATE command on a non-attribute file .DBF without using JOIN.


The following SML code fragment shows how to do a reselect and calculate on a data file (.DBF) inside of ARCPLOT. It assumes that the data file is stored under the coverage directory. The PAT of a coverage is temporarily renamed. The data file is then renamed PAT.DBF. Once this is done, you can do logical reselects and calculates. Then the data file and the PAT are renamed back to their original names. It is usually a good idea to do a clearselect at this point, if any reselects were done, to make sure the selection set bitmaps are set properly.

& ren cover\pat.dbf temppat.dbf
& ren cover\xxx.dbf pat.dbf
resel cover poly .....
calc cover poly ....
& ren cover\pat.dbf xxx.dbf
& ren cover\temppat.dbf pat.dbf

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