Use existing columns as CAD field names when exporting data to CAD files


The Export to CAD tool creates CAD drawings from feature classes. The tool symbolizes and formats the CAD drawing, when the feature classes include specially name fields that are recognized by the tool.

Instructions provided describe two ways to rename existing fields to control how Export to CAD creates CAD features.


There may already be attributes in the feature class to be used to drive various CAD properties, or that can be used to populate AutoCAD block attributes. Use one of the following methods to enable the Export to CAD tool to recognize the attributes:

  • Create a field alias by using either the Create CAD Alias or Create Field Alias to create aliases with CAD property names.

    This allows the creation of a field alias by selecting from a list of specially named CAD fields that are recognized by the Export to CAD tool. Aliases are permanently stored as part of the column definition of a feature class.

  • Rename a field by using Make Feature Layer.

    For field aliases that already exist with a meaningful value and/or cannot be changed, create a temporary change in a field's name using the field info parameter of the Make Feature Layer tool.

    Changes made to the field names are only retained in memory when used in a model or script, and do not change the actual field names or aliases in the source feature class.

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