Use Direct Connect to connect to an Oracle Server from a UNIX workstation client with Database Access 2.1c


Database Access 2.1c on a UNIX client workstation provides Direct Connect functionality to access an Oracle instance only. The Database Access 2.1c direct connect drivers for Oracle are only supported on Oracle instances running release 8.1.2 or higher. Oracle 8.0.x releases are not supported.

Database access applications function the same whether using an ArcSDE 8.1.2 or lower version, service, or database instance via Direct Connect.


To use direct connect, you must have the Oracle Net8 Client installed on your UNIX workstation. Direct connect is managed through the Oracle Net8 client.

The Net Service Name must be configured in order to connect to the server.

  1. Once the Oracle Net 8 software is installed on your system, obtain the following information:

    server name
    user name
    user password


    server name: "luck"
    ORACLE_SID = "luk817"
    user name = "avtest"
    user password = "go"
  2. Start ArcView.
  3. Load the Database Access extension.
    A. Select File > Extensions
    B. Check the check box next to 'Database Access.'
  4. Open a view.
  5. Select View > Add Database Theme.
  6. Select the 'Create a new connection using SDE' option.
  7. Enter the connection information with the following syntax:

    A. the Instance name should be replaced with the "sde:database_name" syntax

    B. the Password name should be replaced with the "password:@ORACLE_SID" syntax


    Server:Instance: "luck:sde:oracle"
    User: "avtest"
    Password: "go@luk817"
  8. Proceed to work as you normally would with an SDE service connection.

    To test that your Oracle setup is correct you can use SQL connect feature of ArcView, or the Avenue connection syntax:
    SDEConnection.Make ("luck:sde:oracle","","username","password@luk817")

    Details for Net Service install are in the ArcSDE Configuration and Tuning Guide for Oracle, located in the $AVHOME\AvDocs directory after you complete your ArcView install.

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