Use 'Dependency Walker' to get further information on an 'Error 1904' during the installation of ArcGIS


Instructions provided describe a diagnostic procedure to debug an 'Error 1904' during the installation of ArcGIS. Before following this procedure, be sure that the problem is not covered by one of the other 'Error 1904' articles linked in the Related Information section below.


The following procedure involves using Dependency Walker, a free third-party utility. This application is not supported by ESRI, nor can ESRI be held responsible for any damages resulting from inappropriate use of this application.

  1. Download and install Dependency Walker from the link below:
    Dependency Walker Download page.
  2. After Dependency Walker is installed, run it, and navigate to File > Open. Browse to C:\Windows\System32 or C:\WINNT\System32 and select the file 'regsvr32'.
  3. Click on the Profile menu, and select 'Start Profiling'.
  4. In the 'Profile Module' window, type the full path to the module that failed to register, enclosed in quotes. The path is located in the 'Error 1904' error message. For example:
    "Error 1904: Failed to register module C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Bin\afcore.dll"

    Be sure to enclose the path in quotes so that spaces in the path can be properly parsed by the dialog.

  5. Click OK to run the profile. This monitors the failures during the attempt to register the specified file. These results can be cut and pasted into an e-mail to ESRI Support Services, or the Dependency Walker report can be saved as a *.DWI by going to File > Save. The resultant file can then be sent along with the support request.
  6. Contact ESRI Support Services, attaching the resulting log of the failure to register this file.
    Contact ESRI Support Services (ESRI global login required).

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