Use ArcMap Server on Windows with ArcIMS running on UNIX or Linux


In ArcIMS 4.0 and ArcIMS 4.0.1, ArcMap Server is available only on Windows platform. To use ArcMap Server running on Windows with ArcIMS installed on UNIX or Linux, set up a distributed configuration of ArcIMS, where the Spatial Server and ArcMap Server are installed on Windows and the other ArcIMS components and the Web server are installed on a UNIX or Linux platform.

The prerequisite for using this distributed operating system (OS) configuration of ArcIMS is that the software that will allow management (read/write access) of UNIX or Linux file systems from Windows has already been installed.


ArcIMS installed on a UNIX or a Linux OS can serve ArcMap Services through a multiple spatial server configuration, where ArcMap Server is installed on a Windows machine. To set up this configuration, follow the steps below:

  1. Install ArcIMS on a UNIX or Linux machine.
  2. Install the Spatial Server and ArcMap Server on the Windows machine following the instructions in the ArcIMS Install guide topic 'Installing ArcIMS ArcMap Server'.

    At the Application Server Information screen, enter the name of the UNIX or Linux machine where the Application Server is installed. Use the default values for the registry and client ports or enter other valid port numbers.
    Application Server Information Dialog Box

    [O-Image] Appserver Info
    The host name can also be specified after completing the installation. To do this open the Monitor.Properties file for this spatial server (located in <ArcIMS Install directory>\Server\Monitor\Monitor.Properties) and change the value of registryHost to the name of the UNIX or Linux computer where the Application Server is installed and restart the ArcIMS Monitor Service.
  3. Create ArcMap documents that use ArcSDE data or local data. For maps that use data located in UNIX or Windows machines, use Universal Naming Convention (UNC) pathnames to reference data when creating the ArcMap document. Make sure the data is accessible from the computer where the ArcMap Server is installed.

    Copy ArcMap documents to a location accessible for ArcIMS running on UNIX or Linux.
  4. Provide read/write access for the Windows user to the ArcIMS output directory located on UNIX or Linux.
  5. Open ArcIMS Administrator in UNIX or Linux and check if three spatial servers are listed from the Windows machine where ArcMap Server is installed. If not, check if the Monitor Service is running on the Windows machine or restart the Monitor Service on the Windows machine and refresh the ArcIMS site.

    For more information on how to manage Spatial Servers, refer to 'Administering your site' in the guide "Using ArcIMS".
  6. Check if ImageServerArcMap is listed in the virtual server list. If it is not listed, create a new virtual server of type ImageServer-ArcMap for the desired number of instances.

    For more information on how to create a new virtual server, refer to 'Administering your site' in the guide "Using ArcIMS".
  7. Create a new ArcMap Service using the ImageServer ArcMap virtual server. Set the ArcIMS output directory for the service using a UNC path (do not use UNIX pathnames).
    New Service

    [O-Image] New Service
  8. Once the ArcMap Service is created, it can be accessed similarly to any other service running on UNIX or Linux.

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