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Up to 5,000 records can be uploaded in one DBF (dBASE) file, and a total of 100,000 points can be stored on an ESRI server at any given time. The POI Manager requires a DBF file. DBF is a generic database file type that allows for the easy transfer of data between various database programs. In the file, provide the points as a set of latitude/longitude locations or street addresses along with some descriptive information about the points. The POI database has space for the following information: Name, Address1, Address2, City, State, ZIP, Country, Type, Description, Lat, and Long. Any of these fields may be left blank. If there are multiple sets of POI locations to upload to POI Manager, combine them into one DBF file and give each set a unique Type value. For example, group all coffee shops as Type "store" and all coffee shop customer addresses as Type "Customer". The DBF file may have this information in any order, listed under any column name. The locations are then stored in a table on an ESRI server and made available as either the My POI service in Find Points of Interest (ArcWeb Toolbar) or the User.Defined.POI data source in Proximity Service (ArcWeb for developers).

If street addresses are uploaded to the ESRI system, ESRI geocodes the addresses and inputs the result into the table. An e-mail report is sent on the results of the geocoding process, allowing an opportunity to correct and manually upload individual locations through a Web interface.


  1. Create a DBF (dBASE) file with a maximum of 5,000 records. A total of 100,000 points can be stored on an ESRI server. See related information for tips about creating a DBF file for POI Manager.
  2. Log in to the ArcWeb Account pages page.
  3. Click Manage V2 POIs in the left side navigation bar.
  4. Follow the instructions on the POI interface for uploading a DBF file and adding, editing, and removing individual locations.

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