Update the DDE Config script to employ a specific servlet engine


By default, the SearchLimit extent in DDE employs the Tomcat servlet engine integrated within DDE. This article demonstrates how to edit the DDE Config script to write the SearchLimit extent to a DDE servlet such as ServletExec or another version of Tomcat.

In order to use this article, the Data Delivery extension (DDE) servlet must be already configured to run with an existing servlet engine such as Tomcat or ServletExec.


  1. Browse to <DDE installation>\config\sourceDefiner\
  2. Right-click on the DDEConfig.bat file and choose Edit.
  3. Search for the line starting with

    set ServletConfigFileLocation

  4. Edit the path for this variable to point to the location of the web.xml for the DDE servlet.

    If using ServletExec as the servlet engine with DDE, edit the path as follows:

    set ServletConfigFileLocation="<drive>:\<ServletExec installation>\ServletExec Data\default\DDE\WAR\WEB-INF\web.xml"

    If using Tomcat as the servlet engine with DDE, edit the path as follows:

    set ServletConfigFileLocation="<drive>:\<Tomcat installation>\webapps\DDE\WEB-INF"

    Adjust the drive letters and the installation directory accordingly and ensure that the path is surrounded by double quotes.

  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Proceed with the Define Source Data process.

    The Searchlimit extent set in the DDE Config dialog will automatically be written to the web.xml file specified above. Any edits to the web.xml will only take effect once the servlet engine is restarted.

  7. Restart the servlet engine after completing the source data definition steps. To restart ServletExec, stop and start the IIS Admin and WWW Publishing services in the Windows Services panel.

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