Turn on Glue 5.0+ logging

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to turn on Glue 5.0+ logging. WebMethods Glue has logs that can determine the cause of many problems. These instructions explain how to turn on the logging functionality in Glue version 5.0.x.


The Glue glue-config.xml file is normally stored in the following location:

<Glue home>/app-template/WEB-INF/glue-config.xml

Glue has several types of logging, each of which can be turned on by changing 'off' to 'on'. Suggested logging types include:

<log enabled="yes">ERROR</log>
<log enabled="yes">CLASSLOADER</log>
<log enabled="yes">EXCEPTION</log>
<log enabled="yes">HTTP</log>
<log enabled="yes">MAPPING</log>
<log enabled="yes">SOAP</log>

By default, Glue logs are written to the standard output which varies by server. It is recommended that the logs output to a file. This can be established by changing logToFile to 'true' and modifying the fileName parameter to point to a valid location:


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