Track down problems in ArcExplorer-Java 3.1

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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For ArcExplorer-Java 3.1, there is a new menu available.It provides a new testing utility that may be useful for tech support in tracking down problems. This info should not be made public, but if the tech support analyst needs to use this for support, they can work with the user.


You only get the menu if you enable it. Do so by adding the following property to the file in your home directory:


This menu provides:
o A dialog showing currently running threads.
o A dialog showing Java memory usage, together with a button you can press to activate the garbage collector.
o A dialog showing the current system properties.
o A popup dialog allowing you to interactively change the current Locale - but this currently only works *before* you add data from shapefiles.

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