Trace a feature


This document will demonstrate how to create a new feature by tracing an existing feature.


  1. Add the feature class(es) or shapefile(s) to ArcMap.
  2. Start editing.
  3. Select the target layer for the new feature.
  4. Select the feature to trace using the edit tool.
  5. Click the dropdown button for the sketch tool to select the trace tool.
  6. Set the stream tolerance by clicking Editor > Options. Change the stream tolerance in the Editing Options dialog box under the General tab.
  7. Click 'O' on the keyboard to set the trace offset distance and to specify the corner style.
  8. Left-click on the mouse to begin creating the new feature by tracing the selected feature.
  9. Double-click to complete the sketch.

Article ID:000004599

  • ArcMap 8 x

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