Texture a 3D line in ArcScene


Instructions provided describe how to texture a line feature in ArcScene.


Follow the steps below. For further information, please see the ArcGIS Desktop Help topics regarding 3D Symbology from the Contents tab > Extensions > 3D Analyst.

  1. Right-click on the layer and open up the Layer Properties Dialog.
  2. Click on the Symbology tab.
  3. Click on the symbol to open up the Symbol Selector.
  4. Click on 'More Symbols' and make sure 3D Basic is checked.
  5. Change the Category to Texture Line.
  6. Select the desired symbol.
  7. Click on Properties.
  8. Check Vertical Orientation if this line represents a feature such as a fence or wall.
  9. Set the desired Width. If this is to be a vertical feature such as a fence, then Width will represent Height if Vertical Orientation is checked. The Width is in the units specified in the top right corner of the dialog next to World Units.
  10. Click OK to close all dialog boxes.

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