Test a digitizer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Steps to test a digitizer.


You can test a digitizer using DIGTEST or DIGTESTW from the menu in PC ARC/INFO. In the DAK use the DIGTESTW command or from the menu - FILE - CONFIGURE - DIGITIZER TEST.

The Digitizer Test involves the following:

1. RAW data test - Press any keys (9 times) and their equivalent ASCII characters will appear on the screen. If you see any smiley or unrecognizable characters, then the digitizer is not communicating in ASCII mode but BINARY. PC ARC/INFO or DAK do not understand BINARY communication.

2. Coordinate test - This returns the X, Y locations and the cursor value for each digitizer button pressed. Press 9 on the digitizer to exit to the next test.

3. Stream Mode test. Reads in 300 points and displays the average points read per second value. If the digitizer is set in Point mode then, this test will not be done. Hit the ENTER (RETURN) key on the keyboard to continue.

4. Cursor key test - Reads the cursor keys as per their numbers.

5. Unit test - Gets the distance between points in units. Asks to digitize 2 points 10 inches apart. If the digitizer units are set to units other than Inches (centimeters) you may get a different value than expected.


On some Windows NT machines the points per second rate may be rather slow.

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