Symbolize a single feature in ArcMap with multiple charts

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided are for symbolizing a single feature in ArcMap with multiple charts. The basic methodology is to use multiple layers and convert the features to graphics. Converting features to graphics will allow manually moving charts from the first layer so that they do not obscure the charts in the second layer.


  1. Add feature data to ArcMap.
  2. Right-click the layer and select 'Copy.'
  3. Right-click the data frame and select 'Paste Layer.'
  4. Right-click on the first layer and select 'Properties.' Click the 'Symbology' tab.
  5. Select 'Charts' from the list on the left and verify that 'Pie' is selected.
  6. Setup the pie chart symbology. Be sure to uncheck the box for 'Prevent chart overlap.'
  7. Right-click on 'Background' if you are symbolizing a polygon layer, then click 'Fill Color' and select 'No Color.' Click 'OK.'
  8. Click 'OK' to finish symbolizing the first layer.
  9. Right-click the second layer and select 'Properties.' Select the 'Symbology' tab and set up the second layer of pie charts. Uncheck the box for 'Prevent chart overlap.' Click 'OK' when finished symbolizing the second layer.

    At this point, a pie chart for each layer has been created. However, because the same features are being symbolized in both layers, the pie charts in layer one are concealing the charts in layer two.

  10. Right-click the first layer and select 'Convert Features to Graphics.'
  11. Accept defaults and click 'OK.'
  12. Use the 'Select Elements' tool to select one of the new pie chart graphics. Move the graphic so that it no longer conceals the chart from the underlying layer.
    [O-Image] PieChartConceal1
  13. Continue until placement of chart graphics is optimal. If desired, convert the other layer of pie charts to graphics.
    [O-Image] PieChartConceal2
    To restore the drawing of the pie chart features for either of the layers, right click layer, click the 'Display' tab, and click 'Restore All.'

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