Store points in the SDO_POINT array of the SDO_GEOMETRY data type


If an SDE point layer is created in ArcCatalog for the Oracle Spatial format, the point coordinates are stored in the SDO_ORDINATE_ARRAY instead of SDO_POINT, even though the featureclass has no multi-part point features. This is because ArcGIS adds Z and M support to layers by default. The M support forces the point storage to the SDO_ORDINATE_ARRAY.

However, if the SDE point feature class is created for the Oracle Spatial format using the cov2sde or shp2sde commands, then the point coordinates are stored in SDO_POINT.


With ArcSDE 9.1, the workaround would be to export the feature class to a shapefile and use the shp2sde -o create command with the -e p parameter to load the layer back into Oracle Spatial.

This has been fixed with ArcSDE 9.2. When a point layer is created using ArcCatalog, ArcSDE 9.2 now stores single-part X/Y and X/Y/Z point shapes in SDO_POINT.

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