Stop rebuilding indexes on geocoded ArcInfo libraries


How do I keep ArcView from rebuilding the geocoding index of an ArcInfo library?


Area of interest has changed, causing the Vtab to change and the index to be rebuilt.


From Help Topics | Contents Tab | What's New | ArcView GIS 3.2:

"Two new requests are added to the MatchSource class:

MatchSource.SetIndexValidation (Boolean value)

A geocoding index can be invalid if the theme is edited after the index was built, or the index files were moved around from network to network causing the date/time stamp of the index file out of sync. ArcView GIS by default checks if a geocoding index is valid or not every time it opens the theme or starts geocoding. If the index is invalid due to a different date/time stamp, ArcView GIS will try to delete the index and rebuild it again. If you prefer to disable the index validation checking process and force ArcView GIS to use the existing index, run the following Avenue script in a script editor to disable the index checking:

MatchSource.SetIndexValidation (False)

Notes: If your data source and geocoding index are actually out of sync after editing, disabling index checking may cause unexpected results. Use MatchSource.GetIndexValidation to return the index validation status. Building geocoding indexes on a very large dataset is faster and a smaller file size is required in ArcView GIS 3.2. When building geocoding indexes on house number ranges, ArcView GIS adds every 100th number within the range to the index. If the range is too big, it may take a long time to build the index or require a large index file size. In ArcView GIS 3.2, if a record has a house number range greater than 100,000 houses, the record will not be added to the index. This is an unusual case to have such a huge house number range. The new feature will allow reasonable and efficient index building. If your data set doesn't have such large house number ranges, this feature will not affect you."

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