Specify an alternate location for the ArcIMS spatial server logfiles


By default, the ArcIMS Spatial Server logfiles are written to the $AIMSHOME/log directory on UNIX and the <ARCIMSINSTALL>\server\log directory on Windows.

The logfiles can be written to another directory by specifying the parameter 'logpath' in the aimsserver.cfg file.


  1. Navigate to the 'etc' directory of your ArcIMS installation.
    · On Windows: <ARCIMSINSTALL>\server\etc
    · On UNIX: $AIMSHOME/etc
  2. Open aimsserver.cfg in a text editing program.
  3. Add the 'logpath' parameter to the AIMSSERVER tag, and specify any valid directory.

    <AIMSSERVER debug="false" logfiles="error" logpath="c:\temp\log">
    <RESOURCEBUNDLE name="aimsaxl" path="System" />
    <RESOURCEBUNDLE name="aimsserver" path="System" />
    <RESOURCEBUNDLE name="aimsutil" path="System" />
    <RESOURCEBUNDLE name="aimssde" path="System" />
    <RESOURCEBUNDLE name="aimsins" path="System" />
    <RESOURCEBUNDLE name="aimsshp" path="System" />
    <RESOURCEBUNDLE name="aimsdbf" path="System" />
    <RESOURCEBUNDLE name="aimsaxlprsr" path="System" />

  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Restart ArcIMS services in the following order.

    A. Stop ArcIMS Tasker.

    B. Stop ArcIMS Monitor.

    C. Stop ArcIMS Application Server.

    D. Start ArcIMS Application Server.

    E. Start ArcIMS Monitor.

    F. Start ArcIMS Tasker.

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