Setup and Test Digitizer


Steps to setup and test a digitizer for use with ArcView.


  1. Install the Wintab driver for the digitizing board.
    <a href='' target='_blank'>How To: Install a Wintab driver</a> If installed correctly, the digitizer will work with the Windows operating system as a mouse.
  2. Configure a digitizer puck button for left click, left-double click, and right click. This is done in the Control Panel created by installing the Wintab driver.
  3. Test the digitizer.

    Steps to test a digitizer for use with ArcView.


    1. Start ArcView.
    2. Select Extensions from File pulldown menu and check the Digitizer extension.
    3. Create a new view.
    4. Select the draw point tool
      Draw point tool

      [O-Image] Draw point button
      on the toolbar.
    5. Click the View menu and select Digitizer as Puck. If Digitizer as Mouse is listed, then the digitizer is already in puck mode.
    6. Use the puck's left click button to click an inch in from each corner of the digitizer tablet. You will not see any points created on screen.
    7. Press the zoom to full extent button.
      Zoom to full extent button.

      [O-Image] Zoom to full extent button
      Four points should appear on screen.
    8. Use some of the other drawing tools to test creating lines and polygons. Lines and polygons are started with the left click button and ended with the left double-click button.

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