Set up Windows NT ArcInfo to access a license from a UNIX server


This document shows how to set up ArcInfo for Windows NT to access a license from a UNIX license server.


First, verify the UNIX license server is running FLEXlm 6.0b or higher. The
license manager version is displayed with the following commands:

$ARCHOME/sysgen/lmutil lmver lmgrd


$ARCHOME/sysgen/lmutil lmstat -a -c license.dat

Once the FLEXlm version is confirmed to be 6.0b or higher, do the following:

1) Create an environment variable on the client to designate the location of the license server.

2) On the Windows NT workstation, go to Start--> Settings--> Control
Panel--> System Environment. In the variable field, enter:


3) In the value field, enter:


Where, PORT is the number listed on the first line (right hand corner) of the $ARCHOME/sysgen/license.dat file. In the example below, the port is 1700.

SERVER golfcourse 807580dc 1700

The port may also be preceded by "TCP:" as in the example below:

SERVER golfcourse 807580dc TCP:27005

And, HOST is the hostname of the UNIX computer the FLEXlm license manager resides on. HOST can also be replaced by the computer's IP address.

For this example, the variable field would read:


4) Set and apply the edits.

5) Install NT ARC/INFO 7.2.1 from the CD-ROM, select Option 2 (Initial installation of software without license manager setup). If the license
manager is already installed, it may be removed in Start-> Settings->
Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs-< ESRI License Manager. Click on


ArcInfo for Windows NT can only check out floating licenses. Node locked licenses are not available for the NT platform.

The License Manager version number is not related to ArcInfo's version number.

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