Set up HyperHelp default printers for all users at once


How can the default printers listed in HyperHelp Print Setup be set for all users at once?


By default, HyperHelp only saves printer settings for each user; changes made to printing options by one user only take effect for that user.


By following these steps, HyperHelp's default list of printers found in the Printer Setup -> Options Dialog can be changed for all users at once.

1. In the HyperHelp Printer Setup dialog, install and setup all printers that should be available from HyperHelp. Remove any printers that are listed but are not a part of your system. Click on the "Save" then the "Apply" buttons to make these changes active for your account.

2. Change directories to the $HHHOME/xprinter directory

cd $HHHOME/xprinter

3. Make a backup of the original "Xpdefaults" file (you will need write access to this directory):

cp Xpdefaults Xpdefaults.orig

4. Copy the .Xpdefaults from your $HOME directory to the $HHHOME/xprinter directory as "Xpdefaults" (without the leading ".").

cp ~ /.Xpdefaults Xpdefaults

The printers that have been chosen in step #1 will now be the HyperHelp default for everyone who uses ArcDoc 7.1.1.


Ifyou have an ".Xpdefaults" file in your $HOME directory, this personal ".Xpdefaults" file will override the HyperHelp system-wide default printer settings that are stored in the $HHHOME/xprinter/Xpdefaults file. If the HyperHelp defaults are to be used, the personal ".Xpdefaults" file needs to be deleted.

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