Set up ArcIMS Java Connector and JSP samples


Instructions provided are for setting up ArcIMS Java Connector and JSP samples. ArcIMS Java Connector is an ArcIMS Application Server Connector that allows communication between the ArcIMS Application Server and a JSP client or a standalone Java application. It includes a JavaBeans Object Model Library and custom JSP tags in the form of a Tag Library. These JavaBeans and JSP tags allow you to programmatically establish communication with an ArcIMS Application Server through an HTTP, HTTPS, or TCP/IP connection and to send ArcXML requests to it.


A number of JSP samples are available in ArcIMS for different functions. Follow the steps given below for installing and setting up those samples.

  1. Install Java Connector, samples, and documentation from the ArcIMS CD:
    On Windows and Solaris, install Java Connector, samples, and documentation by modifying the default install options of ArcIMS as follows in the installation dialog box:
    a. Click Application Server Connectors and select Java Connector.
    b. Click Samples and choose Java and JSP Applications.
    c. Click Documentation and choose Java Connector documentations.

    On Linux or other UNIX platforms, the Java Connector, samples, and documentation are available for installation during the install script.

    Refer to Step 3 of the ArcIMS Installation Guide (<ArcIMS CD-ROM>\install.htm) for more detailed instructions on the ArcIMS installation process.

  2. Verify the installation:
    Once you have completed the installation, the following folders will have been added to your ArcIMS files:
    a. <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/ArcIMS/Middleware/Java_Connector
    b. <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/ArcIMS/Samples/Java
    c. <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/ArcIMS/Documentation/Java_Connector
  3. Set up JSP Samples:
    Refer to readme_samples.htm or readme_samples.pdf located at <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/ArcIMS/Samples/Java for further steps on setting up JSP samples for your webserver/servlet engine configurations.
    Refer to <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/ArcIMS/Documentation/Java_Connector folder for Java Connector documentation.

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