Set line thickness and color when creating Microstation DGN files using Export to CAD.


This article outlines the process for controlling the line thickness property when creating Microstation DGN files using Export to CAD.


The field named LTScale, defined as a 'Double' field, will control the thickness of lines as displayed in Microstation.

  1. Add the field named 'LTScale', defined as 'Double', to the line or polygon attribute table of the geodatabase feature class.
  2. Values in the LTScale field are calculated as whole numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.).
    You may need to perform some testing with your data to determine suitable values to calculate into this field for particular features.

  3. The 'Color' field, defined as Short Integer, may be added to the feature classes to be exported to DGN format, and values calculated to standard Microstation color numbers. Default Microstation color numbers are:

    0 By Level
    1 Blue
    2 Green
    3 Red
    4 Yellow
    5 Magenta
    6 Orange
    7 Cyan

    However, these colors will not appear in Microstation if a different color pallet is in use. If color No. 1 is assigned to Pink in the current pallet, the line color will appear as pink instead of blue.

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