Send AXL Requests to a custom virtual server using the Active X Connector


You can pass AXL requests from the client to the ArcIMS Application Server using the ArcIMSConnector.SendAxlRequest method. In order to send this request to a custom service (Query, Geocode) associated with an existing image service, you must include additional information in the serviceName property.


In order to send an AXL request to a custom virtual server in ArcIMS using the Active X connector, you must specify the custom virtual server type.

The SendAxlRequest method for the ArcIMSConnector requires two inputs:

· The image service name.
· The AXL string.

Sometimes you must send a custom ArcXML request to a custom service associated with an image service (for example, Query or Geocode). In this case, append the first input for the SendAxlRequest method to include the custom service. For example, a client sends an ArcXML request (AXLString) that queries an image service (i_map) using a SPATIALQUERY. In order to return a valid ArcXML response, send this request to the query server associated with the image service. The code looks like:

ArcIMSConnector.SendAxlRequest("i_map&CustomService=Query", AXLString)

Query may also be replaced with Geocode, if needed.

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