Selectively deauthorize licenses in ArcGIS License Server Administrator


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A new functionality for administering licenses was introduced at ArcGIS 10.1. In earlier versions it was not possible to select a subset of a license number for deauthorization, for example EFL123456789. ArcGIS 10.1 allows selective control so that individual products and quantities can be deauthorized.

The instructions provided describe how to selectively deauthorize concurrent use licenses in ArcGIS License Server Administrator.

Single-use and trial licenses cannot be deauthorized by this method.


  1. Open ArcGIS License Server Administrator.

  2. In the Authorization subfolder, click Deauthorize.
    [O-Image] ArcGIS License Server Administrator
  3. In the Software Authorization Wizard, follow the steps to the Deauthorization Options page. This page is used to select the features that need to be deauthorized.
    • Check the checkboxes next to the features to deauthorize. Features that are not checked are not deauthorized.
    • Define the number of licenses to deauthorize by double-clicking on the associated number in the 'No. of Licenses' column.
    [O-Image] Software Authorization Wizard - Deauthorization Options
  4. Click Next and complete the deauthorization process by finishing the Software Authorization Wizard.

    The selected licenses are now deauthorized.

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