Schedule a geoprocessing script to run at prescribed times on Windows 7

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The instructions provided in this technical article are documented on, Scheduling a geoprocessing script to run at prescribed times.Instructions provided describe how to schedule a geoprocessing script to run at prescribed times. Scripts can be scheduled to run at a later time, and they can also be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly. On a Unix/Linux operating system see the main entry for the cron or crontab commands. On a Windows operating system, this function can be executed through Scheduled Tasks. Below are the details on adding a scheduled task in Windows.


Windows Scheduled Tasks is available with Windows 7. It is found in the following locations:
  1. Windows 7
    Start Menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Schedule tasks.
  2. Having reached Scheduled Tasks, double-click Create Basic Task. Complete the options on the wizard. The following is an example of adding a python script to be run on a schedule:
  3. When prompted for the "Name of Basic Task", type in the name of Task you are creating. Fill in the Description below and click on the Next> button.
  4. When prompted "When do you want the task to start?" Click on the radio button as to indicate how frequently the task is to be executed. Click on the Next> button.
  5. Confirm the date and the start time desired for the task to begin and click on the Next> button.
  6. When asked 'What action do you want the task to perform?' select the 'Start a program' button and click on the Next> button.
  7. When asked to 'Select the program/script' you want Windows to run', select the 'Browse...' button and the script.
    Provide any arguments for script if necessary. Click Next> button.
  8. Click on the Finish button to complete the creation of scheduled task.

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