Schedule a geoprocessing script to run at prescribed times

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The instructions provided in this technical article can be found on, Scheduling a geoprocessing script to run at prescribed times.Instructions provided describe how to schedule a geoprocessing script to run at prescribed times. Scripts can be scheduled to run at a later time, and they can also be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly.On a Unix/Linux operating system see the main entry for the cron or crontab commands.On a Windows operating system, this function can be executed through Scheduled Tasks. Below are the details on adding a scheduled task in Windows.


Windows Scheduled Tasks is available with Windows 2000 and Windows XP and sometimes available on Windows NT. It is found in the following locations:

Windows XP:
Start Menu > Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks. If the control panel is in Category View, select Performance and Maintenance > Scheduled Tasks.

Windows 2000 and NT:
Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks.

Windows Vista:
Start Menu > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Schedule tasks.

Having reached Scheduled Tasks, double-click Add Scheduled Task. Complete the options on the wizard. The following is an example of adding a python script to be run on a schedule:

  • When asked to 'Click the program you want Windows to run', select the 'Browse...' button and the script.
  • If the program to be run is a Python script with arguments:

    1. In c:\python2x\, select 'program you want Windows to run' and select 'python.exe'..

    2. On the last pane of the wizard, check 'Open advanced properties...'

    3. In the Task properties dialog box, change 'Run:' to contain the python executable, the script, and the arguments that the script will run.

    For example, c:\python21\python.exe c:\gisWork\ c:\gisWork\gdb.mdb\counties 10

  • For more information about Scheduled Tasks see the Windows Help.

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