Restore full functionality to the SDE Edit and SDE 3.0 Tools sample extensions

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Edit errors may occur when attempting to check out(edit)a DBTheme using the Database Access extension and the SDE Edit (sde3edit.avx) sample extension, or when loading a spatial column using Database Access and the SDE 3.0 Tools (sde3tls.avx) sample extension. These errors occur because the sample extensions have a limited functionality.This document provides steps to establish the full functionality of the SDE sample extensions.


Before beginning, make sure the Database Access, SDE Edit, and SDE 3.0 Tools extensions are loaded, then apply the steps listed below.

  • SDE Edit:

    The 'selectby*' request is not valid for a DBTheme and is nullifying any selected set of features in a DBTheme. An error message may be generated (For example: "No shapes to edit", or "Can't lock shapes for editing").

    1. Load the following system scripts into two different script windows:


    2. Rename the script windows using the script names mentioned above in Step 1.

    3. Script editing options:

    Option 1: Comment out the following line of code in both scripts:
    theDBTheme.SelectByRect(theExt, #VTAB_SELTYPE_NEW)

    This line of code occurs only once in each script.
    Option 2: Add ".Scale(1.0)" (without the quotes) to the following line in the SDEEdit.CheckOut script:

    theExt = theDBTheme.ReturnExtent

    The line of code should then look like this:

    theExt = theDBTheme.ReturnExtent.Scale(1.0)

    Select all features in the DBTheme before editing if using Option 1.

    4. Compile both scripts by clicking the compile button.
    [O-Image] Script compile button

    This fix works on the current project. It is also possible to set the fix for a single user or all users.
    <a href='' target='_blank'>How To: Replace a system script with a custom script</a>

  • SDE 3.0 Tools:

    Errors will often be associated with a creation keyword for the new scolumn. The creation keyword is used to associate the SDE layer with the DBTune file and is not a required parameter.

    The creation keyword should only be used by Avenue programmers with an advanced understanding of SDE.

    1. Load the SDETools30.NewSColFromShape system script into a new script window.

    2. Comment-out, or delete, the following line from the script:

    3. Rename the script window "SDETools30.NewSColFromShape"

    4. Compile the script by clicking the compile button.
    [O-Image] Script compile button

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