Respond to crashing and crash dumps

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Instructions provided list the response to crashing and crash dumps.


  1. Soft Crashes
    Locate the crash dump here: (Windows 7/2008 Server) C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\ESRI\ErrorReports (XP/2003 Server) C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application Data\ESRI\ErrorReports
    Go to the Doctor site.
    Upload the Crash Dump.
    Every Crash Dump has a CR Number.
    If a CR has been exported to Nimbus, this can be seen from the Doctor page linked to QA Monitor.
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  2. Hard Crashes (or Crashes to which a Crash Dump isn't Useful)
    Hard crashes are ArcGIS Desktop software crashes that occur at a level below the ArcGIS Software itself. Rarely are these issues a problem with ArcGIS Desktop but instead a problem with OS (Operating System), Hardware, Registry Corruption, etc.

    [edit] How to Support a Hard Crash
    If a customer reports a Hard Crash, one that does not generate a crash dump (above), the first step is to try to reproduce the crash in house using the same data and/or workflow. If the issue is reproducible in house, a bug should be logged against the specific dataset or workflow that causes the hard crash.

    If the hard crash cannot be reproduced, the issue is at a level far below the ArcGIS Software stack. The best advice Esri can offer in these cases is (in order of severity):

    Try an Administrator Level Account
    Try a Local Windows Profile Account
    Repair the ArcGIS Software
    Re-install the ArcGIS Software
    Re-install the .NET Framework (version applicable to product such as 3.5.1 for ArcGIS Desktop 10)
    Re-install MSXML 4
    Seek help from IT department
    Consider re-imaging the machine
    Consider replacing the machine

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