Request an ArcGIS License Manager license file online


Instructions provided are the steps for requesting a license file for Concurrent Use ArcGIS Desktop licenses, keyed to the user's hardware key from the Esri Customer Service website.


To request a license file, follow the steps listed below.
  1. Start a Web browser and browse to the Esri Accounts login page.
  2. Log in with an Esri Global account; if it is not available, create one. For help with the Esri Global Account login or password, e-mail: for assistance.
Esri highly recommends having an Esri Global account. Information in the knowledge base about known issues is available, as well as the ability to post questions and answers on the Esri GeoNet.
  1. Navigate to My Organizations > Licensing.
Image of the Licensing selection under the My Organizations tab
  1. Select 8.x & 9.x License File Request under Additional Licensing Forms.
Image of the additional licensing forms section
  1. Populate all the fields with the necessary information. Click Next.
  2. Select the type of license request and the software version. Click Next.
Image of the License Request type and the software version selection
  1. Add the hostname and the Sentinel Key/FLEXlm HostID of the computer hosting the current license manager.
Image of the current hostname field
If unsure of the hostname of the computer, do the following:
a. Navigate to Start > Run. Type 'cmd' and click OK.
b. In the MS-DOS prompt, type 'hostname' and press Enter. This returns the hostname of the computer.
The hostname in the license file can be changed later to match a different computer. Open the license file in Notepad, look for the line that starts with 'SERVER' and change the word after that to the hostname of the different computer.
  1. Add the hostname of the computer hosting the new license manager.
Image of the target hostname field
  1. Add the Make/Model of the computer hosting the new license manager. Type in the general brand name of the computer, for example 'Dell' or 'HP'; it does not need to be a complete match.
  2. Add the serial number of the computer hosting the new license manager.
  3. Select the operating system of the computer hosting the new license manager.
  4. Read the Terms & Conditions. Check the I accept these terms and conditions check box. Click Next.
Image of the Terms and Conditions section
  1. Choose the licenses to transfer to the new license manager. Click Next.
Image of the transfer license selection
  1. Add additional instructions (if any). Click Next.
  2. Verify that the information presented is correct. Click Send Request. A new license file containing all the licenses is sent via email within 24 hours.

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