Reproject Michigan GEOREF to State Plane Michigan NAD83

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Steps to project data from Michigan GEOREF to State Plane Michigan South NAD83 using the Projector! sample extension.

Michigan GEOREF is a Hotine-Oblique Mercator Projection. Michigan has been adopted as one of the State's standard projection formats.

You can define the Hotine-Oblique Mercator projection using one of two definitions:

Type 1 defines projection's central line with two points.

Type 2 defines the projection's central line with one point and an azimuth.

This document addresses the Type 2 projection definition. For more information regarding this projection see the Related Information section.


  1. Create a new view and add the input shapefile to be projected.

  2. Load the Projector! extension.

    A. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the ..\esri\av_gis30\arcview\samples\ext folder.
    B. Copy the file named prjctr.avx.
    C. Paste the file into the . .\esri\av_gis30\arcview\ext32 folder.
    D. In ArcView, select Extensions from the File menu.
    E. Check the box for the Projector! extension.
    F. Click OK.

  3. Set the view's map units to meters.
    <a href='' target='_blank'>How To: Set a view's map units and projection</a>

  4. Click Change projection
    Change projection

    [O-Image] Projector! Button
    and then click OK in the Projector! dialog asking you to select an input projection.

  5. Define the input properties in the first Projection Properties dialog.
    a. Select the Custom radio button.
    b. Set Projection to Hotine Oblique Mercator.
    c. Set Spheroid to GRS 80.
    d. Insert the parameters for the Michigan GEOREF projection.
    e. Click OK.
    [O-Image] Michigan GEOREF parameters
  6. Set the output units to meters in the Projector! dialog and click OK.
  7. Define the output parameters in the second Projection Properties dialog.
    a. Select the Standard radio button.
    b. Set Category to State Plane-1983.
    c. Then set Type to Michigan South or North depending on you needs.
    e. Click OK.
    [O-Image] State Plane Michigan South

  8. You will be asked to recalculate the area, perimeter, and length fields. You can say no to this if you do not want to recalculate.
  9. Click Yes to add the projected data to a View.
  10. Select <New View> and click OK.
  11. Select a name and location to save the output shapefile and click OK.

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