Reload a default.avp



How to reload a default.avp?


If the default.avp is cleared and set as the default, the palette will be empty.


1. Perform a search for "default.avp" on the drive ArcView where is installed.

2. The "default.avp" is generally located in the ...\ESRI\AV_GIS30\Arcview\Symbols folder. Do not delete this file; it is the correct one.

If there is a default.avp anywhere else, delete it.

3. Start ArcView and open the Symbol Window.
a) Click on the Palette Manager button (button right of paint brush).
b) Choose All for the type.
c) Click Clear.
d) Click Load.
e) Browse to the ... ESRI\AV_GIS30\Arcview\Symbols folder.
f) Click on Default.avp.
g) Click on Make Default.

4. Navigate back to the Legend Editor dialog box. Choose the symbol/line/color/etc.

5. (Optional) If there is customized palettes...
a) Load in the extra symbols/lines/colors/etc.
b) Click on the palette button (right of paint brush)
c) Click Save and browse to directory of project.
d) Use a naming convention for the customized palette that would be project specific. For example, Cities.apr would have a cities.avp palette.

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