Register extensions to ArcIMS 9.0 on UNIX


Instructions provided describe how to register extensions to ArcIMS 9.0 on UNIX. At the release of ArcIMS 9.0, a FLEXlm License Manager is no longer required. Instead, ArcIMS and its extensions are now registration-based products. A minor glitch exists in the GUI-based postinstall for this registration process, so registration of the extensions Route Server and Data Delivery must be done at the command line.


After completing the ArcIMS postinstall, if the Authorization section was used, then ArcIMS should be successfully registered. Follow the steps below if the Route Server or Data Delivery also need to be registered.

  1. Navigate to the location where the ArcIMS authorization file sent by e-mail is stored.
  2. Use the 'more' command to view the contents of the file.

    % more arcimsauthfile.ecp

  3. The contents of a complete ArcIMS authorization file look similar to the following:


    The following is the category each portion of the sting fits into:

    Feature Name: arcimsserver
    Version Number: 9
    Time-out Date: 31-dec-2009
    Registration Number: ecp555777999
    Authorization or License Key: AAA999AAA999AAA999AA
  4. Leaving the contents of the ECP available to view, navigate to the ArcIMS installation directory and into the tools directory.

    % cd $AIMSHOME/tools

  5. Use the keymanager to authorize the ArcIMS extensions. Numbers used are taken from the example authorization file above.

    % keymanager -o addfile -f routeserver -v 9 -r ecp999888777 -a <<PATH TO YOUR ECP FILE>>


    % keymanager -o add -f routeserver -v 9 -r ecp999888777 -t 31-dec-2009 -k 999AAA999AAA999AAA99

  6. Use the command in step 5 again to register the Data Delivery extension.

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