Register ArcView and ArcEditor Single Use silently

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to register ArcView or ArcEditor Single Use without having to open the registration wizard.

This functionality was added at ArcGIS Desktop 9.0 Service Pack 1.


This process requires that an authorization file be obtained in advance. That file must be accessible by the machine to be registered.

In the following example the authorization file is named UNK123456789.esu9 and has been saved on the C: drive. ArcView Single Use has been installed to the default, C:\Program Files\ArcGIS

  1. Open a command prompt by going to Start > Run and typing 'cmd'.
  2. Enter the following at the prompt:

    cd C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Bin

  3. Enter the following at the prompt:

    registerfixed9.exe /s /LIF=C:\UNK123456789.esu9

    The usage is case sensitive.

    The registerfixed executable changes names according to release. For example, the executable name at ArcGIS 9.2 is registerfixed92.exe.

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