Register a coverage for digitizing in Workstation ArcInfo


Below is the command sequence to register a manuscript map (taped to a digitizer) to a coverage in ArcEdit or Edit Tools.


Before beginning verify that the digitizer is supported by ArcInfo. Check the Supported Devices Guide for the version of the software by going to the Supported Devices section on the ESRI Online Support Center. A direct link to ESRI OSC is found in Related Information below.

    Arc: ARCEDIT
    Arcedit: &TERMINAL 9999
    Arcedit: DISPLAY 9999
    - set terminal and display types
    Arcedit: EDIT <cover_to_digitize_into>
    - Specify coverage to add features to
    Arcedit: EDITFEATURE <feature_to_add>
    - Specify feature to add
    Arcedit: DRAWENVIRONMENT <feature ... feature>
    - Specify features to draw
    Arcedit: DRAW
    - Initial drawing
    Arcedit: DIGITIZER <digitizer_type> <port>
    - Specify your digitizer and the port it is connected to
    Arcedit: COORDINATE DIGITIZER <edit_cover>
    - Register your paper map to the coverage
    - enter tic ID on puck
    - press “A” to accept tic ID

    - locate puck over tic
    - press “A” again to accept location

    - repeat for other tics
    - enter a tic ID of “0” to stop registering tics

  • In Edit Tools:

    Edit Tools -> File -> Coverage: Open
    - Select coverage and feature to digitize
    Edit Tools -> Display -> Draw Env: General
    - Select features to display
    Edit Tools -> Edit -> Digitizer Setup
    - Select digitizer type and port
    Edit Tools -> Edit -> Coordinate Device
    - Select DIGITIZER
    - Enter tic ID on puck
    - Press “A”"A" to accept tic I
    - Locate puck over tic
    - Press “ "A" again to accept location
    - Repeat for other tics
    - Enter a tic ID of "0"” to stop registering tics

    If you are unable to register your tics, check with your System Administrator to determine if your digitizer and/or station file are properly set. These
    files are located in $ARCHOME/digform and $ARCHOME/stations directories.

    Related ArcEdit commands:


    For information on setting up a digitizer ArcDoc> Contents > System
    Administration > Interfacing graphics devices > Setting up your

    For information on creating a station file look at the AML &STATION directive
    and ArcDoc > System administration > System setup > The ARC/INFO
    directory structure > stations.

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  • Legacy Products
  • ArcMap 8 x

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