Project raster datasets in ArcGIS 8.x with a sample executable


Projecting raster datasets in ArcGIS can be achieved through two methods: IRasterGeometryProc::ProjectFast or IRasterProps::SpatialReference. Both methods are based on a single polynomial transformation with 16 X 16 control points, regardless how big the images are.

There can be some distortion when the image covers a large area, or is close to the poles. Best results are obtained when the image is less than one degree in extent, and is between -70 and 70 degrees latitude.

If desired, highly accurate results can be obtained by using Workstation ArcInfo's PROJECT command with the grid option to perform a cell-by-cell projection.


  • To get the sample tool "Projecting Raster Datasets", click the link ArcGIS 8.x in the Related Information below, and navigate to Samples > Raster > Projecting Raster Datasets.

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  • ArcMap 8 x

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