Project a full color (RGB) or multiband image


Before you project a multiband image, you need to convert it to a grid stack, project each individual grid of the stack, add the bands to a new stack, and convert it back to an image.


  1. Convert the image to a stack:

    Arc: IMAGEGRID img.tif img

    The grid stack will be called 'img' and the grid bands will be 'imgc1', 'imgc2' and 'imgc3'. If there are more than 3 bands in the multiband image, more grids will be present.

  2. Project each individual grid.

    Arc: PROJECT GRID imgc1 imgc1prj
    Arc: PROJECT GRID imgc2 imgc2prj
    Arc: PROJECT GRID imgc3 imgc3prj

    ArcInfo 8.x offers the PROJECTGRID command. All previous versions offer the PROJECT command with the GRID option.

  3. Create the new grid stack.

    Arc: GRID
    Grid: MAKESTACK imgprj LIST imgc1prj imgc2prj imgc3prj
    Grid: QUIT

  4. Convert the stack back to an image.

    Arc: GRIDIMAGE imgprj # imgprj.tif TIFF

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  • ArcMap 8 x
  • Legacy Products

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