Print with ArcPress to the Oce TCS500 or TCS300 printer


Instructions provided describe how to print to an Oce TCS500 or TCS300 printer using the ArcPress Printer Engine.


The following procedure provides a common set of instructions for selecting the printer and setting up the properties for ArcPress. The final part of the procedure lists two alternatives for sending the print job to the device: 'direct print' and 'printer Web interface'.

1. Open the Page and Print Setup dialog by way of File > Page and Print Setup to define the printer, in this case the Oce TCS500 Colour.

2. Select the appropriate printer paper size, source, and orientation.
[O-Image] OcePageSetup2

3. Make sure the map paper size fits on the selected printer paper size and orientation. If it does not match, adjust the printer paper size to accommodate the map layout page size.

4. Click OK.

5. Open the Print dialog box.

6. Check that the printer engine selected is the ArcPress Printer.
[O-Image] arcpress engine 3

7. Click the Printer Engine Properties button to open the ArcPress Printer Properties dialog box. The appropriate print driver for the Oce printer, 'HP RTL (RGB) TrueColor', should already be selected. If not, select it.

[O-Image] ArcPressDriver2

8. Select the desired rasterizer (input) resolution and save paper settings.

9. Click the OK button to save settings.

Sending the job to the printer:

ArcPress to Oce Workflow 1 - Use ArcPress to output directly to the printer
1. To print directly to the device, click the OK button in the Print dialog box. The job is
spooled directly to the printer.

ArcPress to Oce Workflow 2 - Use ArcPress to print to file, and submit by way of the printer's web interface.

Using the direct to printer workflow described above sends the job directly to the device, and does not provide the opportunity to set advanced device-specific features, such as roll number and media type selection. The workflow described below shows how to use the embedded Web server of the TCS300 or TCS500 printer to define these settings before the job is printed.

1. Before printing the map, check the Print to File checkbox. At the prompt to save the file to disk, select the location and change the file name. Click the OK button.

Note: The ArcPress driver saves a file (.rtl) that can be submitted to the printer by way of a Web interface.

[O-Image] Oceprint to file2

2. Open a new Web browser window.

3. Type in the IP address or the hostname of the printer in the browser's address line to open the Oce job submission tool.

The Java runtime is required to use the Oce browser submission tool. If Java runtime is not installed, it needs to be installed for this procedure to work.

4. Click on the Submission tab.
[O-Image] OceTcsAddress2

5. Click on the Add button in the documents section.

6. Locate the folder in which the Print to File file (.rtl file) was saved.

7. Select the file and click the OK button. The submitted file appears in the left box.
[O-Image] OceAddSubmission3

8. Make any necessary color, media, transformation, or layout changes by selecting the appropriate option in the middle box and editing it in the edit box on the right.

The original print settings are overridden by any changes made by way of the Web interface.

[O-Image] OceEditBox3

9. Verify that the print settings are correct. Click the View button to bring up a document viewer window.

10. Close the document viewer and click Print to print the file.

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