Print the contents of a table from ArcMap

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided discuss three procedures for printing tables in ArcMap.


Previous to ArcGIS 9.2, there was no button or menu option in ArcMap that can do this, however, there are two ways to accomplish the same result.

  • Create a Report that includes all of the data in the table and print the report.

    For more information on creating reports in ArcMap, see Desktop Help > Contents > ArcMap > Creating reports.

  • Add the table to the layout and adjust its size.

    A. Open the table window for the table that you want to print.
    B. Click Options > Add Table to Layout.
    C. Enlarge the table frame until it includes the entire table.
    D. Click File > Print.

    It may be necessary to adjust the page size of the layout to fit the entire table.

    For more information, see Desktop Help > Contents > ArcMap > Laying out and printing maps > Setting up the page.
  • If using ArcGIS 9.2, go to the Options menu and select Print, or right click in the grey area at the bottom of the table and choose Print.
    [O-Image] [O] image of printing from tables

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