Print a saved print-ready document, such as a *.prn file

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to print a saved print-ready document, such as a *.prn file. When printing to file from an application, it may be necessary to send the saved print file to the printer.


The method for printing a print-ready file depends on the file type (*.prn, *.rtl, etc.) and what printing applications are installed on the system.

  • Use the DOS copy command:

    1. Navigate to Start > Run, type cmd and press enter.
    2. Change directory to the location of the print file to be printed.
    3. Copy the print-ready file to the printer, using the printer's UNC name.

    For example:

    copy landscape.prn \\tuna\hp1055

  • Use the DOS print command:

    print /d:[Printer_name-or-network_address] [print_file_location]

    For example:

    print /d:\\server\hpdesignjet "C:\Print_Jobs\ASC_Map.prn"

    This can be added to a text file and saved as a .bat file to subsequently run a batch process.
  • If ArcInfo Workstation is installed, many print-ready documents are associated with ArcInfo Workstation's Print dialog box.


    Navigate to the print-ready document to print. If the file is associated with ArcInfo Workstation Print, double-click on it.


    Navigate to Start > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcInfo Workstation > Print and then click Browse to browse to the print-ready file to print.

    ArcInfo Workstation applications may be located in a different folder under the Start menu depending on which version is installed.

  • If a third-party raster image processor (RIP) or other printing software is installed, check the manufacturer's documentation. That application may be able to browse to and print documents that have been saved with print-to-file.

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