Port a Geocoding Style from Windows to Unix


Instructions provided describe how to port a Geocoding Style from Windows to Unix. ArcIMS includes a number of predefined geocoding styles with both Windows and Unix versions of the product. Frequently, a custom ArcIMS geocoding style developed on a Windows machine must also be designed to work on a Unix machine. The files that make up a geocoding style cannot easily be moved without some modifications for Unix specific issues. This article provides a step-by-step checklist for porting an ArcIMS geocoding style from Windows to a Unix platform.


Follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Verify the geocoding style works with ArcIMS on the Windows platform.

  2. Move all files associated with an ArcIMS geocoding style to the Unix machine. This includes the match files (*.pat, *.mat, *.dct, *.stn, *.cls, *.tbl), the style files (*.stl, *.st_), and the esri_mo*res.jar file used by ArcIMS Author.

  3. Run 'dos2unix -ascii' on all the geocoding style files except on the esri_mo10res.jar and *.pat files. Add the location of the dos2unix utility to the path, on Solaris it's located in /usr/bin, or download this utility from the respective platform provider if required.

  4. Use a text editor; for example, vi, dtpad to edit the match and style files. In general, evaluate the content of all text files for case-sensitive issues:

    Check the *.stl and *.st_ files. Verify they reference geocode match files using the correct case.

    Check the *.stn file and verify the STANDARDIZE line references the match file prefix using the correct case.

    Check the *.cls for any external file references. Verify the filenames use the correct case.
  5. Verify the external table files referenced in the *.pat are available in the $AIMSHOME/IndexBuilder/Styles and $AIMSHOME/ext/GeocodeServer/Styles directories. If there is no access to the unencoded version of the *.pat file, assume that the *.tbl files need to be in upper case (prefix.tbl, direct.tbl, expand.tbl, and suffix.tbl). Use the Unix "mv" command to change file case; for example, "mv suffix.tbl SUFFIX.TBL".

  6. Copy the geocode match and style files to $AIMSHOME/IndexBuilder/Styles and $AIMSHOME/ext/GeocodeServer/Styles directories.

  7. Navigate to the lib/ext directory of the JRE used by the ArcIMS Author application. By default, the $AIMSHOME/jre/lib/ext directory is used. Move the existing esri_mo10res.jar to another directory. Do not leave it in this directory, even if the file name or extension has been changed. Then copy the new esri_mo10res.jar file into lib/ext directory.

  8. Restart the ArcIMS daemons and create an ArcIMS image or feature service using the new geocoding style. Use the same method employed when creating an ArcIMS service on Windows that contained the custom geocoding style. For additional assistance on geocoding style use and creation see the ArcIMS On-line Help or ArcXML Programmers Reference Guide.

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