Populate the attribute table of 3D points with the z-values of each point


Instructions provided describe how to populate the attribute table of a 3D point feature class using the z-values of each point.


In ArcGIS 9.2, a new tool was implemented that makes this process much easier than it was in previous releases. The point file needs to have 3D z-values stored in the geometry for the attribute table to be populated appropriately.

  1. In ArcToolbox click Data Management tools > Features > Add XY Coordinates.

    This tool refers only to x and y coordinates. It populates x- and y-values but also populates z-values, if they are present in the geometry of the point file.

  2. Add the point file as the 'Input Dataset' and click OK.
  3. Now that the attribute table has fields for x, y, and z; the attribute values from the geometry of the points populate these fields.

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