Permit users to view a web site using an IP address or another host name


I've created an ArcIMS web site using my web server host name (e.g., myserver). How can my users view it using an IP address or another host name (e.g.,


The following changes must be made to the ArcIMS files:

  1. Find and open the file in a text editor and replace all references to the hostname with the full IP address or new hostname.
  2. For all existing ArcIMS web sites, do the following in each web site directory:

    a) For each HTML Viewer website, change IP address or new hostname of URLs. Open the ArcIMSparam.js and edit the imsURL and imsOVURL variables.

    b) For each Java Viewer web site, open the default.axl and update the axl location.
  3. The Output URL of all Image MapServices must be updated. Start ArcIMS Administrator, and open the properties for each MapService. Change the HTTP location (URL) for the Output directory. Click Save Configuration.
  4. Set the new Output URL as the default for future MapServices. From the View menu, choose Site Properties, Server Output tab, and change the HTTP Location (URL). Click Save Configuration

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