Obtain and install new TrueType fonts in ArcInfo Workstation


Instructions provided describe how to obtain and install new TrueType fonts in ArcInfo Workstation. In ArcInfo Workstation, TrueType fonts are used for glyphs, patterns, and marker symbols. New fonts in this format can be added to the ArcInfo installation.


TrueType fonts can be obtained from the following sources:

A. Purchase TrueType fonts from commercial sources.

B. Purchase a third party font creation software, which can be used to make new TrueType fonts. Two of the products available are Fontlab and Fontographer.

Refer to the links in Related Information for the third party software.

  1. Back up the existing related files on the system.

    Instructions provided describe how to back up custom fonts and symbolsets before upgrade. When an ArcInfo upgrade is installed, or the software is uninstalled and reinstalled, any custom fonts, markersets, linesets and shadesets on the system are erased.

    ArcInfo is programmed to clean up existing folders, and eliminate potential contamination of files by deleting any existing files from the location selected for the new installation.

    Caution is needed when customizations have been added to the current installation.

    Copy the following custom or customized files to another location on the system, so they can be easily restored after the upgrade:

    • arcexe\locale\c\fontindex
    • arcexe\fonts\ any custom fonts installed in this folder.
    • arcexe\igl63exe any custom fonts installed in this folder.
    • arcexe\symbols any custom linesets (.lin), markersets (.mrk), shadesets
      (.shd) and textsets (.txt) installed in this folder.

      Lists of the ArcInfo-provided sets above can be found in the ArcDoc > Contents Tab > Cartography > Map Display and Query using ArcPlot

      - Linesets provided with ARC/INFO
      - Markersets provided with ARC/INFO
      - Shadesets provided with ARC/INFO
      - Textsets provided with ARC/INFO
      - Fonts provided with ARC/INFO
      - IGL fonts provided with ARC/INFO

  2. Place the font in the arcgis\arcexeXX\fonts folder.
  3. Edit the arcgis\arcexeXX\locale\c\fontindex file and add new fonts so they will be recognized by ArcInfo.

    There are two methods to do this:

    A. Use the ArcPlot command FONTLOAD to open the Font Loader graphical user interface(GUI), then enter the required information. The information as entered will be added to the FONTINDEX file, and the font will be accessible in Arc, ArcPlot, and ArcEdit.

    B. In Windows Explorer, go to arcgis\arcexeXX\locale\c and open the FONTINDEX file in WordPad. Edit the file to include the required information.

    For example, copy the Installed font information for an existing TrueType font as shown, then alter the number and other information to match the new font:

    Installed font information:

    TRUETYPE 60008 $ARCHOME/fonts/esri_8.ttf 60008
    TRUETYPE esri_8
    TRUETYPE 'ESRI Crime Analysis'
    NAME = esri_8
    FAMILY = ESRI Crime Analysis
    STYLE = Normal

    Altered information to add a new TrueType font:

    TRUETYPE 60100 $ARCHOME/fonts/myfont.ttf 60100
    TRUETYPE myfont
    TRUETYPE 'My Font Utilities'
    TRUETYPE 'Utilities'
    NAME = myfont
    FAMILY = Myfont Utilities
    STYLE = Italic

    The font number is assigned by the user. For example, esri_8.ttf in the fonts folder has been assigned number 60008 in the fontindex file. This number is used by ArcPlot to call that font, as shown in the following command:

    Arcplot: fontdump 60008 screen
  4. Save edits to the FONTINDEX after the changes are completed.

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