Move a polygon label point of an ArcCAD layer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Moving the location of polygon label points is sometimes necessary when adding additional polygons within existing polygons or splitting polygons. This allows the correct attribute information of the original polygon to be preserved. The polygon where the modified label point resides after the edit, will contain the attribute information associated with the original polygon's label point prior to the edit.


  1. Display the label points using the LABELMRK command.

    Command: LABELMRK
    Theme name (?/<MYSHAPES>):
    Display using? (Properties/Item/<Symbol>):
    Marker symbol number (0-100) (?/<0>):

  2. Using AutoCAD editing commands, change the location of the label points. In most cases, simply selecting the point's grip and dragging it to the desired location will suffice.
  3. Execute the MODFEAT command and select the points that have been modified.

    Command: MODFEAT
    Theme name (?/<MYSHAPES>):
    Select objects: all
    11 found
    Select objects:
    Optional property table (?/<none>):
    8 modified in C:\ArcCAD\MYSHAPES, 3 ignored.

  4. Use BUILD to update topology.

    Output theme (?/<MYSHAPES>):
    Packing MYSHAPES...
    Building polygons...
    Sorting input file...
    Sorting label file...
    Assigning final IDs...
    Writing arc file...
    Generating polygon report...
    Creating Polygon attribute table.
    Dropping entity-feature links...

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