Modify the vector export polygon vertex limit in Advanced ArcMap Settings


Instructions provided describe how to modify the vector export polygon vertex limit, also known as the output dicing limit, in Advanced ArcMap Settings. This effects vector polygons in maps exported to the AI, EPS, PDF and SVG formats.

The ArcMap Advanced Settings utility is a companion settings utility for ArcMap designed to give users safe access to customization settings for ArcMap that cannot be changed within the software itself. While administrative privileges are required to make many changes in the ArcMap Advanced Settings utility, those privileges are not required for the procedure described below, which operates on the user's registry settings only.


When a vector format export encounters a polygon feature with more vertices than defined in this limit, the polygon splits into multiple polygons in the output file. This splitting process is called polygon dicing. Exported files with diced or split polygons are easier for applications like Acrobat and Illustrator to interpret, resulting in faster view times for users. However, if using the application to edit polygons in the export file, it may be better to preserve single GIS feature polygons as single graphic objects in the export file. Do this by increasing the polygon vertex limit for the target output format.

  1. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Utilities and double-click on AdvancedArcMapSettings.exe to start the Advanced ArcMap Settings.
  2. Click the Print\Export tab.
  3. To modify the export polygon vertex limits, select the value in the edit box next to the desired format and enter a new maximum number of vertices. For example, to reset the maximum number of vertices from the Adobe Illustrator (AI), export format to 10,000 vertices, delete the AI value, which by default is set to 8000, and enter 10000.
    [O-Image] Output raster buffer size
  4. Click Apply and click Close.

    The utility never writes anything to the registry unless the Apply button is pressed, and then, it only writes settings for those values that have changed.

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