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The ArcView start-up banner is displayed as a modeless dialog window by the request MsgBox.Banner. Since this request does not return a Window object, the requests Move and Resize can not be used on the banner. Because MsgBox.Banner displays an image, you can give the banner a different look. You can use a graphics program to modify the default bitmap image or to create a different one. If you choose to modify the default image, you should make a copy of it first. This document shows you how to use a different image.


  1. Start a text editor, such as Notepad or WordPad, and open the Startup file found in the ..esri\av_gis30\arcview\etc directory.

  2. Search for the line containing the text string MsgBox.Banner:

    MsgBox.Banner("$AVHOME/etc/banner".AsFileName, 1, "")

  3. Comment this line and insert a new line pointing to the new bitmap instead of $AVHOME/ETC/BANNER. For example:

    MsgBox.Banner("c:\home\gis_proj\mynewbanner.bmp".asfileName, 1, "")

    To make the banner display longer, increase the numerical parameter.

  4. Save changes and exit the text editor. When you start ArcView, you will see the modified banner.

    If the image fails to display, you may need to decrease its dimensions.

    The image file must be a bitmap (.bmp), otherwise you will get a segmentation violation.

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