Mimic the Merge command when it is disabled for network features


The Merge command does not currently support network features and is disabled if at least one network feature is selected.


There are three possible solutions:

  • There is a Developer Sample available that supports the merging of network edge features. For ArcGIS 8.x it is available from ArcObjects Online and for ArcGIS 9.x it is available from ArcGIS Developer Online For both sites the sample is under Samples > Editing > Working with Network Features > Merge Network Features.
  • Mimic the Merge command by using the Union command along with these additional steps.

    1. Select the network features to combine into one feature.

    2. Set the target layer to the layer where the new feature should be created.

    3. Union the features. The new feature is selected and its attribute fields set to null. If appropriate, update its attribute fields.

    4. Select the original features, including the junctions connecting the edges.

    5. Delete the original features.

    6. Verify connectivity is established between the new feature and existing network features. For example, mid-span connectivity along complex edges.
  • Use ArcGIS 10, the Merge command has been updated to support network features.

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  • ArcMap 8 x
  • ArcMap 9 x

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