Make Query search string case insensitive in HTML Viewer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The Find or Search function in HTML Viewer gives the user option to enter information but is case sensitive by default. For cases when the user is not sure which case to search for, use this procedure to make the Query search field not case sensitive.


  1. Navigate to the HTML website directory created and open file 'ArcIMSParam.js' in a text editor.
  2. Find the following line of code

    var queryCaseInsensitive= false

    Change the above code to

    var queryCaseInsensitive= true

  3. Change the text that is displayed when the 'Find' button is clicked from the toolbar in the HTML Viewer by navigating to the Javascript folder and open the file 'aimsResource.js' in a text editor.

  4. Find the following line of code

    msgList[79] = "Search is Case-Sensitive";

    Modify the above code to display the desired message. For example:

    msgList[79] = "Search is Not Case-Sensitive";

    If you wish to not display any message:

    msgList[79] = "";

  5. After making the changes, save the file.

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