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How to keep the Business Analyst 10 toolbar turned on

Last Published: April 25, 2020


One of the more common calls into technical support is from users who report an issue where the Business Analyst toolbar needs to be turned on each time they re-open ArcMap.

The reason that this occurs is a by-product of new functionality that was introduced in Business Analyst 10.

In the Business Analyst Window's Tools section, there are buttons that represent a shortcut for the commonly used Business Analyst toolbars such as Business Analyst, Territory Design, Color-Coded Maps, and Address Coder. When a button for one of the toolbars is selected it will always be turned on in ArcMap.

Conversely, if a toolbar button is not selected here and a user has manually turned on a Business Analyst toolbar by going to the Customize > Toolbars menu, the next time ArcMap is reopened the toolbar will not be turned on.

Note: To activate the Business Analyst Window, select the first button directly to the right of the Business Analyst Menu.

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