Installing Coldfusion MX on the same machine breaks ArcIMS if using JRun 4.0 on Windows 2003

Last Published: April 25, 2020


** Internal Publish Only! **When configuring JRun 4 with IIS on Windows 2003 there is no need to use an ISAPI filter. In IIS 6.0 a virtual directory can be converted to an application and then the application extensions and wildcard application maps can be configured to use their own libraries. For Jrun the two files jrun_iis6.dll and jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll are used for this. ColdFusion MX installs a lite version of JRun. If a normal, full version of Jrun is already installed, and Coldfusion gets installed, it will overwrite the existing configuration in IIS for JRun. This document will show
1. how to get ArcIMS and JRun configured with IIS,
2. saving the IIS configuration,
3. installing ColdFusion,
4. restoring the saved configuration and 5. changing the application extensions and wildcard application maps to use the ColdFusion dlls.


Please follow the steps below.

  1. Setup Microsoft IIS and Macromedia JRun 4.0 and configure JRun and IIS for ArcIMS. Please see the link in the Related Section for the necessary installation steps. Make sure that you get successful Diagnostics test results.
  2. Open the Internet Information Services Manager under Control Panel > Administrative Tools, and perform the following steps:
    - Right-click on the machine name
    - Select All Tasks
    - Select Backup/Restore Configuration
    - Click on 'Create backup'
    - Type a name, such as JRunBackup
    - Click OK and verify it appears in the list.
    - Close IIS.
  3. Install ColdFusion. This will cause the ArcIMS Diagnostics tests to fail.
  4. In IIS, restore the saved configuration 'JRunBackup' by performing these steps:
    - Right-click on the machine name
    - Select All Tasks
    - Select Backup/Restore Configuration
    - Click on the earlier created saved backup (see Step 2)
    - Click on restore
    - Click on yes (it should display operation successful)
    - Click on OK
    - Close
  5. ArcIMS diagnostics test should work again.
  6. In IIS navigate to the virtual directory \CFIDE and then perform these steps:
    - Right-click and choose 'Properties'
    - Click on create
    - Click on Configuration
    - Change the .jsp and .jws extensions to use the ColdFusion jrun_iis6.dll (C:\CFusionMX\runtime\lib\wsconfig)
    - Change the wildcard to use the ColdFusion jrun_iis6_wirldcard.dll (C:\CFusionMX\runtime\lib\wsconfig\1)
    - Repeat the same steps for the CFDocs directory
  7. Test both ArcIMS and ColdFusion applications to make sure that they work.

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